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Natural non-woven filter

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Non woven fabric

Natural antibacterial filter using natural antibacterial agent extracted from persimmon

Origin: Persimmon extract from persimmon fruit

Mixing: Glycerin, organic acid, etc. added ⇒ Add surfactant and citrus seed antimicrobial

Characteristics: Combination of persimmon extract and grapefruit seed extract

Antibacterial effect of deodorant: nitrogen compound, volatile sulfur compound, low fatty acid etc.

Test Items Test result
Strain1 Initial number of bacteria 1.9 X 10⁴ 1.9 X 10⁴
After 24 hours 3.8 X 10⁷ <10
Bacterial reduction rate 99.9
Strain2 Initial number of bacteria 2.1 X 10⁴ 2.1 X 10⁴
After 24 hours 1.1 X 10⁸ <10
Bacterial reduction rate 99.9
Antimicrobial (KS J 4206:2008, Shaking flask method) : Number of bacteria/ml, Bacterial reduction rate %