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Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS)

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Electronics Manufacturing Services

3AC provides overall services such as design and manufacturing of electronic products, including electronic products, development, manufacturing, assembly and testing.

Quality standards

  • 3AC complies with the principles and requirements of the ISO 9001,14001 quality system.
  • We will do our best to satisfy customers by providing high-quality products through continuous quality improvement and development.

  EMS air purifier strengths

1. In-house development, production and quality control of air purifier filters

It is possible to customize the deodorization performance of activated carbon for each gas according to the needs of the customer, and it is possible to reduce the cost by maximizing the filter production efficiency.
In addition, it is possible to shorten the development period by performing self-testing of air purifiers and filters by country.

2. product development

3AC is the primary vendor for large corporate customers and satisfies the QC AUDIT standard, and it is possible to reduce the development period with a one-solution production system ranging from injection molding, filter production, EMS product development, and ASSEMBLY.

3. Abundant Infra

3EC is capable of producing 700,000 units per year, and has strengths in logistics and movement because it is close to the port.