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Lifespan indicator (Alarm for replacement of deodorizing filter)

Operating mechanism of deodorizing filter lifespan indicator

Analogue Sensitive

Acceleration of technological innovation > Rise of analogue sensitive as a differential product competitiveness

Consumers value sensual factors more than product performance

Current performance of deodorizing filter lifespan indicator

Induce color change by acidic and basic gas > Induce color change by impregnating indicator to activated alumina ball

Choose color that can easily be recognized by customers

    • For acidic gas
    • Yellow > White
    • For acidic gas
    • Blue > White
    • For basic gas
    • White > Yellow
    • For basic gas
    • Red > White


    • Indicator of air cleaner/air conditioner
    • Can be used in room temperature/humidity
      Used in real life space
    • Indicator of refrigerator/Kimchi refrigerator
    • Can be used in refrigerated conditions
    • Caution upon use
    • Make sure that water does not contact indicator
      Can be polluted when contacting activated carbon
      Completely discolors once lifespan is complete
    • Period of use
    • Discolored 9-12 months after utilizing air cleaner