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Refrigerator Type Cool Pack

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Refrigerator Type Cool Pack

Performance experiments (-5℃)

  1. Leave the sample at -30±2℃ for 48 hours or more to maintain the internal temperature below -18℃.
  2. The test is conducted using an exclusive box for the test at room temperature. Place the sample inside the box on a die.
  3. Use an Al-tape to record the sample’s temperature at the center. Use the Foam-PE to improve insulation and reconduct the test after flipping the sample.
  4. Measure the sample’s temperature at the center and check the range where there is latent heat.

Performance experiment

Test method

  1. Leave the sample at a freezer at -20℃ for at least 48 hours.
  2. Leave a test-exclusive insulation box (6L volume) at a freezer at -20℃ for an hour before packing a sample inside.
  3. The sample should weigh 500g.
  4. Attach a thermometer on the test-exclusive insulation box at about 2 centimeters below the top. The test should be conducted at 25℃. Compare the temperature changes during the 4 hours of test.

Cold temperature preservation test (-5℃)

Performance Experiment (-11℃)

Other performances

Increase of volume when frozen


Test Data for Refrigerator Type

  • Products that maintain 0℃
  • An eco-friendly and edible product that eliminated the use of SAP
  • Maintains a temperature at 0℃ for 100 minutes more than existing products composed of water or water + SAP