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Photocatalyst filter

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Photocatalyst filter

decomposes/eliminates malodorous gases as its catalyst, titanium dioxide,
contacts UV rays contained in sunlight or artificial light, activating water and oxygen that are contained in air.

Product characteristics

Shows effectiveness on malodorous substances like ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetate
Also, it makes utilization of chemical adsorbent, improving the initial performance.

    • Mixing of agents
    • Selects mixing of agents that fit the subject gas in order to provide performance that fit the purpose
    • Coating technique
    • Uses coating technique, being able to respond to smaller lots compared to internal incorporation technique
    • Free product size
    • Product size can be adjusted according to demand
    • Persistency
    • Persistent effect compared to activated carbon filter


Filter size Test gas Test container Analysis
60 x 60 (mm) Ammonia, acetic acid, acetaldehyde 1m3 c Chamber Testing tube method