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Water-purifying filter

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Water filter introduction

Carbon block water filter made by mixing coconut palm powder activated carbon and polymer PE resin


  • Developed a long-life product with a large surface area as an activated carbon molded body made by mixing powdered activated carbon with pores in the particles and PE resin and aging it at high temperature.
  • Using raw materials with proven stability, it is stronger than carbon block filters against impact, abrasion, heat, and chemicals, and is suitable for the human body.
  • It has the function of adsorbing and filtering water odor, residual chlorine, detergent, chemical substances, color, turbidity, organic substances, heavy metals and carcinogens.
  • By adding special substances that are certified safe for the human body, the heavy metal removal performance is further enhanced.
  • It is possible to produce high quality products in the size and shape that meet the customer’s request..