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Dry-process antibacterial filter

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of antibacterial / antivirus filter trand

Previous dipping processes have difficulties in conducting effective antibacterial coating
on filter material that are porous carrier, so they are utilized only in Pre / medium filters which provide relatively easier bearing.

For the improved dry-process antibacterial coating process, various filters can be utilized,
such as free, medium, HEPA, and washable non-woven fabric.
There is no device for the dry-process, enabling simple and prompt coating.


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    • Produced large-capacity aerosol antibacterial/antivirus particle generation system.
    • Established production line for atmospheric dry-process continuous aerosol coating process
    • Antibacterial coating efficiency of H13 material
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    • Efficiency of floating virus collection 99.9%
    • Antibacterial capacity based on CFU 99%
    • Efficiency of model virus elimination 93%