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Semiconductor clean room

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Chemical filter (Ecopro / M&E Corp products)

Designed for AMC control, which is a defect in semiconductor and FPD manufacturing processes


Semiconductor, lcd emd ultra

precision manufacturing process

Odor and harmful gas generation industry

Areas requiring clean environment such as hospitals, museums and public


High removal efficiency of over 90% and long lifetime

Customized filter creation based on customer request

Easy installation and operation through lightweight product

Excellent price competitiveness

Media type and target gas
Media Type Target gas
Acrivated carbon For VOCs Toluene, IPA
Impregnated activated For acids, bases, etc HCI, SO₂, NO₂, NH₃, Amine, O₃
Anion exchange resin For acids HCI, SO₂, NO₂
Cation exchange resin For bases NH₃, Amine